“Winterling” by Sarah Prineas (one of my “Just To The Side” books)

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December 13, 2013 by dangemeinhart

WinterlingThis is one of my “Just To The Side” books (what does this mean?)

AR: 4.9

Lexile: 720

Pages: 245

Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Series

Can you imagine, reader: you disobey your grandmother and run off into the woods in the dark of night, to the banks of a tree-shadowed stream.  Suddenly, the night is shattered and three wolves come lunging up out of  the depths of the water, chasing a badly wounded dog.  You save the dog but are shocked when it turns into a boy, a magical boy from another world.  A world that only you can save.

Jennifer – Fer, for short – embarks on a grim adventure in a mystical world of trolls and pucks and spells and grave, grave danger.  She makes some friends – maybe – and learns that the dark secrets of her own past might just be the key to saving the world on the other side of the water from the evil queen which has taken it over.

Bows and arrows!  Wolf-people!  Blood-oaths!  Changelings!  A Leaf-Woman!

This is a great fantasy story, exciting and fast-paced, but not one that you have to spend hundreds and hundreds of pages reading.  This one will suck you in quick and not let go.  It might be just a bit confusing at first – it jumps right into the fantasy world from page one, and it’s kinda up to you to keep up – but if you’re into fantasy and magic, you’ll love this one.  I rarely have time for sequels, but Winterling has one and I’ve already got it reserved from my public library.  This bestest book creates a world that I can’t wait to return to – and I’ll bet you get hooked, too.


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