“Summer of the Gypsy Moths” by Sara Pennypacker

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December 23, 2013 by dangemeinhart

SummeroftheGypsyMothsAR:  4.4

Lexile:  670

Pages:  275

Genres:  Sad, Friendship, Real Life

Imagine this, reader: you’re twelve years old and all alone.  You’ve never known your dad, your grandma’s dead, and your mom has abandoned you.  You’re sent to live with a grumpy great-aunt in a cottage on the ocean, and worse…you have to live there with another girl, Angel, who is also all alone.  And who doesn’t like you one bit.

In Summer of the Gypsy Moths, author Sara Pennypacker really makes you feel for the main character, Stella.  That poor girl always tries to do her best and be her best, but life hasn’t been all that great to her.  Through it all, though, she manages to keep her unbeatable spirit and positive determination.  And, somehow, she also always manages to make the people around her see the world a little bit like she does.  This is a great book about growing up and love and loss and friendship, but it’s not just about that…there’s also unexpected death, secretly buried bodies, terrible secrets, and police being called (more than once).  I just don’t want to get into all that and give anything away.  No spoilers here – this book is too good to be spoiled by me.

Midnight graves!  Missing mothers!  Broken windows!  New best friends!  Greasy pantyhose!

Summer of the Gypsy Moths is really an awesome read.  The story is funny and sad, sweet and exciting, heartbreaking and heartwarming.  It was a joy to read and one that you’ll think about long after you read the last page and put it down.  There is no doubt that this is an absolutely bestest book.


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