“The PS Brothers” by Maribeth Boelts

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January 18, 2014 by dangemeinhart

PS BrothersAR:  4.8

Lexile:  810

Pages:  137

Genres: Animal, Dog, Friendship, Real Life

Imagine, reader: your dad’s in jail and your mom’s dead.  You’re living in a crappy trailer in your uncle’s backyard, and he’s really only half-interested in taking care of you.  You do, though, have a great best friend.  And you both want the same thing more than anything in the world: a dog.  A big, mean dog that will stop people from picking on you and make you feel safe at night.  Of course, you’ve got a problem – how are a couple of poor kids like you gonna get enough money to buy and feed a dog?

The PS Brothers by Maribeth Boelts is a fun, funny, heartbreaker of a story.  The main characters – Shawn and Russell – come up with a money-making scheme: they’ll scoop dog poop out of people’s yards for cash (hence the “PS” – poop scoop).  And they even find the perfect dog for sale – a Rottweiler puppy, sure to grow into the perfect fierce giant of a dog.  But when they discover that the man selling the puppy might be involved in a horrible crime, all their plans are toast…and they just might be toast, too.

Poop!  Criminals!  Best friends!  Police!  More poop!

The PS Brothers is a quick read, and totally worth it.  The author does an amazing job of blending together funny stuff, sad stuff, serious stuff, silly stuff, and scary stuff into one great story.  Shawn and Russell’s lives kinda suck – but they’ve got each other, and they’ve got a plan, and you can’t help but root for them all the way.  No poop on this scoop…The PS Brothers is totally a bestest book.



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